My name is David Israel, aka Smite Matter.  I am an ambient electronic music artist using the Apple iPad as a complete music studio.  Since I began my concentrated efforts to make music in this medium, I have learned a lot about various apps, equipment, and resources for creating the best sound, as well as the joys and pitfalls for creating this kind of music.   It has been a steep learning curve, and has involved a lot of sweat, tears, and eye strain to acquire the knowledge and skill I have today.  This blog is an attempt to share what I have learned; to offer tips, reviews, and wisdom to other musicians who want to create the best quality sound, and also to share my creative process.  It is a catalog of my journey; the successes I’ve found and the mistakes I’ve made, doubts I’ve had, and questions I’ve asked (and answered).  The source for a muse is one thing.  No one really knows where it comes from.  The efforts and the craft of making music is other.  While inspiration is the heart of music compositions, time and energy are the guts.  So here is where I begin to spill my guts…

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