Beat Twirl App Review: Slice and Beat It

This is a pretty handy app for us iOS musicians. It’s described as ” A beat slicer that allows to analyze existing sounds, detect rhythm with it’s note onset algorithms. You can work with drum loops and rhythm patterns, enhance them with more percussion sound, and or create new patterns”

I couldn’t have said any better, but what does that mean?
It means that you can take bits of various samples from your own voice or surroundings, recorded with an internal or external mic, mix them up with a number of samples, beats, or patterns. Slice n’ dice and create some pretty wild stuff of your own.  If you can think it, Beat Twirl can probably do it. You only need to put it all together. With the tools in Beat Twirl, putting your work of art together is not very difficult at all.

Importing exporting, copy paste, iTunes file share, iPod library, and email round out a nice list of options to bring samples in or out of Beat Twirl.

Audio quality? Good. User interface? OK. I’m finding some things in the UI are a little counter intuitive. Where I might expect to just touch a part and make something happen there is actually a button for that. It’s not an obstacle at all, and a pretty minor concern. All the controls and tools are there, it just take a small amount of getting used to it. Once you do, you can have a ball, and make some interesting things.

I have experienced some crashing. I asked Tiv Studio about this, and received a concerned, and very helpful response. Customer Service rates high! I won’t get all into the emails about the crashing, but they are aware of it, and working on it. Some crashes may also have something to do with my iPads recently updated iOS version? Depending on your version, it could be worse? So it seems fair to give them a little time to breathe and work out some of these kinks.

A cautious but promising 4 stars, only hesitant because of the instability.


  1. Great review – thorough and candid, and I imagine helpful to the developer. I've been thinking about picking up this app for a while, and if I could get a promo code, all the better.

  2. Sorry you're having difficulties with the app. I'm not sure what it is you want me to do? I'm not the app developer or associated with them in any way, I suggest contacting them for technical concerns. I hope that works out for you. Good luck.

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