Reforge App Review: Wave Forms Dont Edit Themselves

Review based on experience using iPad 1

Reforge by Audioforge Labs Inc is described as the “Swiss army knife for audio files on iPad”. It really is. I find that Reforge has been nothing short of necessary for use in my music work when I need to do wave form editing. Everything is simple to use, or apply via the intuitive use of the touch interface.
Reforge does what it’s supposed to do without clutter. Trimming, cutting, slicing, cropping, copy paste within the file or even paste in from another file. It’s all here, just about everything needed to make audio wave form edits, and almost effortlessly.

The included FX that can be automated are, volume, stereo balance, stereo widening, low pass and high pass filters. Pitch and time shift are available but not automated.

These features can all be used with the control markers to automate effect levels and at multiple positions, by just touching the screen at the desired place to apply the effect. When called for (such as cropping) touch and hold about half a second at the start point and drag to the end point area of the wave form to perform the edit. Adding multiple effect points (markers) by double tapping in the spot you wish to add to. I’m not going to write an instruction manual, this is to illustrate just how easy it is to get the job done, and there is a lot of room to be creative. Check Out for detailed specs or developer info.

In portrait mode there is a very handy help screen to explain each function in detail. Just touch each button you want info on and it appears at the top of the screen. Nice touch. Landscape provides a larger view area to do your work.

Reforge supports several file sharing options such as, import from mp3, im4, aif, from email directly into Reforge. Audio Copy Paste between compatible apps with a 12 file history. iTunes file sharing to upload your files including .wav. The good old wifi to transfer files as well. Moving files can’t get any easier.

  Besides cutting & cropping etc, I have found I use this a lot for adding stereo depth to otherwise flat audio files. However I must point out that I’ve also experienced more than a few crashes especially when applying several features in one file. I have also heard artifacts (clicks or pops) during the work process, but they don’t usually make it into the actual saved file. These two problems obviously can be a nuisance, as it’s tough to be certain when a click was properly removed until I double check it pasted elsewhere and give it a listen. Crashing, well no one needs that explained as to why it’s a problem. I’m not going to suggest these are deal breakers though, and Audioforge Labs works hard to improve his apps. More often then not, I am able to complete my work in Reforge no problem. Updates are being worked on to correct these issues, and improve the app, including future universal app support.

Reforge gets a solid 4 stars. Great tool to have in any iOS musicians collection.


  1. How Reforge might be good for me:This summer I read a book about the sounds of Star Wars. One of the things that got my attention was the use of real-world sounds (e.g., a WWII fighter engine) radically slowed down. I've been looking for an app that will do this and still preserve the tonal qualities of the original.

  2. Hey DokWok, appreciate the comment. If you'd like a promo code for a free copy of Reforge please email me as well. I will reply with the code. My contact info is in the middle of the right side bar. Thanks!

  3. When will reforge be good for me?Simple Waveform inversion because it's useful for creating new sounds. Non destructive operations would also be a killer advantage.

  4. How reforge would be useful to me:I write a lot of music using NanoStudio as my central sequencer, but diving out to other apps (iElectribe, Sunrizer, Addictive Synth, etc) to make loops to bring in, but am currently hamstrung by the limited nature of NanoStudio's built in sample editor. Sounds like it'd complement my workflow nicely.

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