Almost ready to release my 1st CD made exclusively on iOS!

So, I’m not really posting much lately but I am working on various things. Right now my biggest project that is taking up most of my time is my very first CD. I had 3 new songs that came out great and we decided to add them to the track list. That added a little delay, however it’s set now. Cover art is being polished up, and it’s really just about choosing the right stuff. I also had people I wanted to credit, thank, and I didn’t want to miss or forget anyone. That was another small delay. What remains now is mostly out of my hands and up to my label Fateless Music to take care of. Problem there is that he needs to get his website up and running. That’s been a major hurdle for far to long, but it’s finally coming together and close to being up for the world to see. Releasing my CD without his website running didn’t make sense. So everything is now just a matter of weeks from being complete and available to be seen, heard, and or purchased.
Everything has to be just right. This isn’t some novelty work like we have heard or seen from other iOS musicians. This is polished, and perfected professionally with extremely high standards and quality in mind. This is art. This all takes time, not to mention hard work, blood, sweat and tears. So thank you to my friends and fans who have been waiting so patiently for so long suffering delay after delay. It’s seemed and felt like it was never going to happen, but it is happening soon! I can’t wait to announce the details, and release date shortly.
Almost there….stay on target….stay on target…

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