Music Studio 2.0 App Review

Out of the garage, and in to the Music Studio

Review based on iPad 1 use.

It’s been a long wait, but Xewton delivered on the promises of taking Music Studio to the next level.
I have had a love hate experience with Music Studio for a good long while now. I always loved how great it worked, sounded, and looked. I also hated that it had restrictions that prevented it from being fully realized as a truly portable, professional quality music studio. The missing function highest on my list of problems was that it had no audio copy paste support at all. Being an artist who refuses to be tethered to anything, that missing feature was a deal breaker.
Well, that is no longer a concern, and audio copy paste is supported to both copy from, and or into Music Studio between compatible apps.
I couldn’t be happier, and finally being able to use Music Studio free from the need to be plugged in to anything has just sent me into a tizzy.
Available in iTunes:

Okay, enough gushing. How good is Music Studio? Should I buy it? You’re most likely wondering about those things.
The short answers for the impatient are, it’s excellent, and YES!
The detailed answers are more complex, but end up saying exactly the same thing.
So, here’s the meat. You get, 127 tracks, up to (65 free and 60 more via IAP) 125 studio recorded instruments, audio tracks, 5 real time FX including Reverb, Delay and more. MS supports core MIDI, has split keyboards (each can have its own instrument), drum pads, wave form and audio region editing, audio copy paste, and SO much more!

For a full list of specs visit Xewtons website here:

There is so much available in Music Studio now. Loads of tools, features, and options to allow just about anyone the freedom to create the music they love practically anywhere they wish with little need for much else.
Thankfully with all the new additions, and now that it has ACP, it is in my opinion, complete.
No more limits to the sounds you can include in your Music Studio compositions. Bring in those samples, or recorded performances from other synth apps or samplers etc, right away. Gone are the days requiring an annoying pause to plug in to the computer, move files, and sync. 

Want to record some vocals or live audio? No problem. Plug in your iRig and record strait in to the track. There’s still plenty of hardware support if you need or want it. You can plug in to the Akai Synthstation. There’s support for Apogee Jam, Alesis IO Dock and more!
Among the fantastic crisp, clean, crystal clear audio quality, and many features, there’s an improved user interface. Many changes are cosmetic as well as functional, but still just as easy to use as ever. Design of Music Studio did get a face lift offering a new look that still feels familiar, and fosters an uncomplicated virtual work environment.
Drawing, quantizing, transpose, split and moving parts, tracks etc, are all a snap.
Music Studio could be the most powerful yet intuitive mobile “iDAW” to date.
It’s quality is unmatched, and is definitely a fantastic app for those who are ready for a professional quality, feature packed, virtual studio to take their music to the next level. The best part is, you can now do that anywhere you want.

It’s been a long wait, and I nearly gave up. I am happy to eat some crow and say Music Studio 2.0 is a must have.

5 stars. No contest, just get it.

**Note- At the time this was posted Music Studio had a known glitch in the recorded FX event tracks that caused crashes. Xewton report that an update was in works to correct this.

Go buy it here at iTunes:


  1. Ah man, so now I have to ditch NanoStudio? ;)I've come to a conclusion recently, that I really like the good sounding and feature rich synth that is built into NanoStudio.Cannot afford to buy every audio app (or iDAW for that matter) or I would buy Music Studio too though.

  2. I hear ya Rodi. I've had Music Studio on a back burner getting very little use for a long time because there was no ACP. Now, it's all gussied up with everything I need, and I'm in love. I can finally use it for anything I need, and more importantly, I can do that anywhere I want to! ACP makes them truly mobile. Say no to wires!

  3. I was so excited to see their update. I downloaded it shortly after I saw your comments on Twitter. I am using that for almost all of my mixing. The only thing I would like to see them add is individual track buses (unless I missed something and they are there). That would give me more flexibility. Otherwise, I love it. Have you checked out the new Animoog? So far, I'm loving it.BTW: Love the new album. Sweet tracks, and I love the way you take ambient, everyday recordings and integrate them. I do a bit of that with my stuff, too.Have an awesome day!Rednaj

  4. Hey Rednaj. I love to hear that you are enjoying my album! Thank you. FX can be turned on or off at track level. Also each FX unit can be selected as global or track only. But due to device CPU limits you can't have completely different FX among all the tracks. I bought Animoog the instant I heard about it. It's amazing. But it does crash a little too often. V1 pains, they'll fix it.

  5. Just bought Music Studio 2 and have to say it is very easy to use.Have to agree with Rednaj about the buses but its no deal breaker,excellent app well worth the price.

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