MultiTrack DAW 3.0 app review

Multi Awesome!

Review based on use with iPad 1, and iPod Touch 3GS.

I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this yet? I use this as much as anything, if not more.
Harmonicdogs, MultiTrack DAW is a serious work horse for the iOS musician.
Starting at $9.99 the basic version comes with 8 stereo tracks, there is also an option to upgrade to a total of 24, (via in app purchase of $14.99) there is a lot of room to record and mix complex songs. MT DAW has one of the most clean interfaces I’ve seen on iOS. It’s simple, and intuitive user interface utilizes the best aspects of the multi touch functions to get the job done. No hassle, no fuss, no flash or unnecessary complications. Just a high quality professional, portable audio recording work space.

Buy MultiTrack DAW at iTunes:

All tracks are stereo 16bit 44.1 kHz CD quality. No clipping, no instability even when using all 24 tracks. Waveforms are nicely displayed in each track and easily edited, or named with a simple touch and drag of the finger. Edits are non destructive so whatever you do in the track to change, split, or fade the waveform, the original file saved safely in the song or shared “Bin” remains unchanged.

Every track has its own fader, pan, mute, and solo. In addition to those functions for each track there is also a per track EQ, and Compressor (3GS, 3rd gen and higher)
30 levels of undo, 40-240 BPM adjustable metronome, various time signatures, looping with markers, move or copy paste multiple regions and bounce down. Open the bin browser to select and preview raw audio files before placing in a track. These really are just a few of MT DAWs features.

Recently MultiTrack was updated to include two new adjustable FX! We now have Stereo Delay, and Reverb available via the FX Bus. You can have one FX tab moved in front of the other if you wish to change the order.
Reverb is technically “Freeverb” but works very nicely all things considered. Reverb is not only one of the most used and desirable FX, but also the most demanding on CPUs.  Stereo delay is pretty demanding as well, and these demands are why there is only one global FX bus. However the amount of the selected FX can be adjusted at each individual track level from 0-100. The quality of the FX are both quite nice, and it was well worth the wait.

With copy paste between compatible apps, there is also iTunes file sharing, additionally there is email attachments and direct upload to Sound Cloud support.

Audio can be recorded directly to a track via (depending on your device) internal mic or an iRig and so on.
Stereo files can be split into two separate mono tracks. There’s input and output faders, and selectable input monitoring. For a complete list of all MultiTracks features visit Harmonicdog here:
Every aspect of MultiTrack is designed to be easily done. This really goes beyond what some might expect in a mobile recording application. You get a truly professional, powerful, studio quality virtual work environment with no compromises.
I have found it indispensable in my iOS music work. Now that Delay and Reverb are part of the package, MT DAW is even better. This is one of those music apps that should be in every iOS musicians collection. It’s been one of my most favored “goto” audio recording apps for a long time. It has been long known by so many to be a reliable, stable and an overall outstanding app for mixing together many artists songs world wide, including several of my own (See also on this blog site) songs from my all iOS album.
It not the only stereo recorder, but it is the only 24 track stereo recorder, and in my opinion one of the very best.
5 Stars, Another Must Have


  1. Yes, I record directly into this. Since I'm making electronic music, there is nothing to ever hook up, except my iRig mic. It's all about copy paste between all my apps. I make something in one app, edit it in another, maybe sample it or manipulate it more, whatever, and then it goes into this. All done with audio copy paste. In rare occasions I'll use an app without ACP and transfer a file via iTunes file share, but I honestly hate having to do that. Say no to wires!

  2. There's just too many cool apps. I might need to buy this one too some day. For now NanoStudio fulfills the role of mixer/track editor.(and of course this post is for hoping to be the one to receive a promo code! heheh)

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