iSequence HD app review.

The Sun Also Sets
Review based on V2.4 use with iPad 1, 2, and 3

UPDATED Review: 7-11-2013

BeepStreet hasn’t updated iSequence in a while, and it has worried me a little bit. There’s still no Audiobus support for this. I saw a post recently from BeepStreet that more or less explained the situation. This isn’t an exact quote but he said that the reason for iSequence not being updated in some time was due to his interest in synthesis like Sunrizer, and Impaktor. Both excellent instruments no doubt. He went on to say that he is going to return to his roots and develop a new app based on iSequence. Don’t get too excited yet, but yeah it is exciting. He is waiting for iOS 7 to arrive so he can take advantage of the new app audio connectivity. Now that’s interesting.
That leaves me to suspect that if he is going to wait for iOS 7 to do something new, but similar to iSequence, that Audiobus is not coming to this app any time soon. Does that mean iSequence is dead? I really hope not. It sounds to me like he intends to use the new iOS 7 features to accomplish the same things Audiobus does now. Either way, you won’t be streaming iSequence audio to any other recording app any time soon. None of this changes the fact that this is a fantastic sequencer, but you’ll have to be OK with only having the AudioCopy/Paste option for a while longer.


iSequence has been around a while, as far as iOS music apps are concerned anyway. I’ve had my eye on it for just as long. Now that I have it, I regret not getting it sooner. This really would have made my life much easier if I had not waited so long.
Well it’s never too late to add a great tool to the toolbox. Tablet in this case.

A short list of features follow.
8 tracks, 32 steps pattern sequencer, max 999 patterns, real time recording, 5 configurable FX slots (Live Looper is really fun) including Reverb, Delay, Distortion and more. Automation, FX curves editor, 165 built in instruments (more banks available via IAP), Sampler with wave editor, 6 octave piano keyboard, and drum pads.
Copy Paste between compatible apps, WiFi sharing: HSQ, MIDI .Wav and HSQ import. Support for core MIDI and MIDI instruments. Whew! There are many more.
That’s just the short list, the number of features, are quite numerous.

Visit BeepStreets website for a full spec list.:

With all these functions, and features in a sequencer this loaded, you might think its going to be a cumbersome work flow with lots of confusing sections or screens to move between? Or not, in any case iSequence does manage to make excellent use of the iPad screen providing a very nice work flow and just 3 main buttons to tap for maneuvering among primary screens. Sampler, Curves, and Mixer. It’s a nice, simple, detailed interface that frees users from overly complicated menus, or hidden functions, and lets the creative process flow naturally.
Among all the great capabilities in iSequence I noticed (or failed to notice) that there is no undo/redo function? However in working with the app I didn’t really have a situation that couldn’t be worked out. All in all I find iSequence HD to have a great intuitive design, and user interface that has been a real pleasure to use. I’m sure to put this to a lot of use.

I always listen carefully for audio quality, and all I heard was perfectly clear sound. No one should be surprised by that, BeepStreet has proven to really have its eye on the proverbial ball when it comes to quality all around. My first experience with a BeepStreet music app product for iOS was Sunrizer Synth, so my expectations were pretty high, even knowing this came first. I am very pleased with this sequencer all around.

Those new to iOS music might think this will be tough to learn to use, it’s not. Of course there is always a learning curve with something new, but if you have ever used a step sequencer before, that curve will be minimal.  No matter what, don’t sweat it. Like I stated before, the design is intuitive, and I might add logical as well. So don’t worry about skill level.
There is plenty of support starting with the “Help” button leading to a nicely detailed instruction manual inside the app. You can also often find support in the forum, and direct from the developer if all else fails. Take it easy on him though, he’s a new dad.
This is a fantastic app, and my new favorite among step type sequencers. I recommend it highly.
5 Stars

iSequence HD can be purchased in the iTunes app store.


  1. Don't write so many positive reviews. It's making my wallet hurt from the longing!Of course I am kidding. There are so many good apps; it's hard to choose or not buy them all.

  2. LOL. Thing is Rodi, I won't review anything I wouldn't use in my music. If something is bad, Ill just ask the developers about the issues and hold on until it's updated, or just leave it. I have had some unsatisfactory apps, I just don't write about those. I did in the past, but attracted some uber deranged people who should be forced to wear helmets. So, just keeping it positive, and honest.

  3. David, Great tracks on Soundcloud – I'm looking @ iseq (have the lite version). Can the HD iPad version import SMS or.mid files, or single tracks/bars/loops therefrom? Thanks for all your posts,Phil

  4. [2nd post – 1st got ka-bloo-ied by autocorrect]David, thanks for all your posts and the great tracks on soundcloud.Question, do you know if iSeq can import tracks/bars/loops fromf SMF or .mid files? I have the lite version but am holding off on HD until I can find an app that can import midi files, or sections of them. Thanks!Phil

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