Stochastic Drum Machine By Xitiv Inc. App Review

The Probability Of Cool Beats

Available HERE in iTunes
There are a lot of drum machines, and I’ve played with nearly all of them on iOS. There aren’t very many that have impressed me, but Stochastic has and does!

My first impression prior to hearing anything was the unusual appearance of the user interface. In my gut I was worried it would be just another bland app. This concern was quickly dismissed the second I hit play.
Wow! These sounds are very realistic. I felt like I was listening to a real live drummer. With the thousands of samples, there’s no shortage of variety from classic kits, acoustic, digital, analog, to percussion, FX….and many more.

 Mixing and matching will not be an obstacle, and if it ever does go stale for you, importing your own sounds will fix that via the many different sharing options, including copy/paste, drop box, email and iTunes file share. Also included are WIST, Background Audio, and “Open In” functionality. Moving samples to and from the app was well thought out. Stochastic plays very well with others. Its really nice for once to not have to wait for some far off update that might one day allow for wireless use. Thank You Xitiv Inc!
Stochastic further separates itself from the pack by adding a unique Probability feature that can turn any static sequence into a dynamic, and thoroughly interesting event. This a feature I’ve not seen anywhere before? It has to be experienced first hand to really appreciate it. Fun with chaos.

With up to (16-32) 64 programmable steps, 15 samples (3 banks of 5) and 32 voices this is no light weight. Possibilities for complex beat sequences abound.

 I might gripe only in that you can only pan the sample, not each individual step. Though it appears to be a consideration for future updates among Mute, Solo, MIDI and Volume control.
Visit Xitiv Inc at: HERE for all the specs and details.
Other than gain control Stochastic is light on extra sound FX, you won’t find anything like, phaser, delay, or the likes. I’m not really missing that stuff myself as I actually prefer dry to wet when creating a beat. They are nice FX to have, but nothing I feel I can’t live without. Tweaking with FX can easily be done in other apps if I must. Thanks to the many easy file sharing options, this is no sweat.
 This is one big, fun, amazing sounding drum machine that may not look flashy but delivers pro sound quality in a simple no fuss interface. It gets the job done, and thanks to the Probability feature crafting something original is a purely delightful adventure in beat making. Perfect for drum and bass, electronic, dance, or really anyone who wants a high quality beat machine. Priced at $4.99 it’s a bargain.
Buy Stochastic HERE from the iTunes App Store
4.5 stars. Highly recommended

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  1. This application is so cool! it is not hard to use and the mechanics is simple. this application will help those beginners to experiment things in drumming, with the simple yet great graphics it is surely useful to mix it up in other rhythm.

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