Studio HD App Review

Studio HD by Sound Trends

The iOS Studio

Review based on use with iPad 1,2 &3

Sound Trends has been a big part of why I make music using the iOS platform since day one. I’ve always enjoyed the apps they make like Looptastic, Gruvtron, and all, but Studio HD is where serious work is done when a full arrangement and production is called for.

With 24 discrete tracks that also include layering multiple audio files in individual tracks, there is no longer any shortage of work space for those larger songs with loads of various sounds, loops, FX, and recorded performances.
Beats are synced effortlessly to match up with the project BPM even if originally wildly different, it still sounds natural.

Studio HD offers a lot more than one might think. You can edit, copy, paste, crop, slice, stretch, and more
It comes packed with 14 quality real time FX controlled by an X/Y touch pad, and each track can hold up to 4 different FX each with its own individual setting.
The FX are very nice, and work great. As usual my only gripe is about reverb, but we all know that’s the devices limitations not the developers. You can also have up to 4 global FX as well.

Audio recording is supported by simply arming a track, and recording either with the devices built in mic, or also iRig Microphone. Other IO hardware is supported as well using the camera adapter.

One of my very favorite features is being able to automate the mix. Faders, FX, panning, etc.
Thanks to a handy multi undo feature anything that might have been an error, can be undone.
There are tons of features and for a full list please check out Sound Trends web page for a complete list and more detail HERE
One of the most important parts of working with iOS music is wireless sharing of files, and projects easily. Studio HD has it all covered with audio copy paste, drop box support, email, Open In, and share to Sound Cloud.
Importing and exporting a recorded performance from other compatible apps is effortless.
iTunes file sharing is also available.
Working in Studio HD is a breeze. It’s just down right fun and easy.
With high quality audio, a fully utilized multi touch interface, the time spent within the app working on a project never feels like work.

Studio HD comes packed with hundreds of pre made loops of various popular genres for free.
Hundreds more are available via in app purchase also. So whether it’s your own, or a pre made loop, they can all be included in the loop library clearly marked and differentiating users loops from the existing library. Auditioning loops during play in a project is also a feature making selections of just the right sound a snap.

This is one packed music production application I find to be indispensable. A truly must have iOS music production app.
Thanks to very attentive developers who have a keen eye on quality and it’s customers needs you’ll never have to worry about getting assistance.
I’ve found most issues some users have experienced to really be operator error.


Studio HD is my first choice for crafting a music project. I used it for more than half of my album Technopolis Lost production with confidence. You are only limited by your own creative drive. Studio HD continues to push forward with capability, and functionality. You can’t go wrong here.

Purchase Studio HD HERE

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  1. Thanks for the review of Studio HD, I've. Been in the market for a production app like this and your endorsement sealed the deal. Sound Trends have been on my radar and I think Studio HD working in concert with Meta DJ will help me crank out some groovy tunes.Thanks again, I enjoy your blog.jminor

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