Glitch Breaks App Review

A Cut Above

iOS Universal Application * (Review based on use with iPad 2 and 3rd Generation iPad)

Normally when I think of the word “glitch” something gone wrong comes to mind.
Glitch Breaks by Alex Matheu is an insanely fun and very useful app. Right off the bat I found myself right at home with the strait forward and intuitive user interface. I was immediately pulled in fiddling with the 4, x/y, continuous audio (channels) pads loaded with selected preset beats. Selecting one pad with a simple touch plays a beat that you can either load with one of the very cool 90 beat loops or something you created and imported. Switching between pads is seamless, each has its own level control, and all with no break in the audio at all. Tap one pad mutes the last and manipulating the “glitch”, Cut” or “Loop Modulation” pads allows for some pretty crafty glitched out break beats.

You can also control pitch and reverse the audio for more effect.
It has many features like, background audio, quantize, Audio Copy paste, iTunes File Share and many more.
For more about the specifications and information about Glitch Breaks check the web site of its creator Alex Matheu HERE

Just tap, touch, swipe your way through some cool sounds gone glitch with ease.
It’s that easy, but the sounds are complex. Loading a new beat to a pad from the library of presets or user imports won’t interrupt the flow one bit making Glitch Breaks perfect for live performances. This is one serious and very satisfying glitch machine.

Whatever type of musician you fancy yourself to be, this will not only be a blast to play with, but also indispensable for creating some pretty wild stuff live or in the studio, or where ever you feel the craving.

It’s not all just beats, you can manipulate any audio from vocals, synth solos, or Chopin if you like.
Thanks to the 1 to 4 bar or no bars, selection function you’re not limited to strictly tempo based audio.

I’ve spent many hours playing with Glitch Breaks, cutting, and modulating my way to pure glitch bliss. It’s unmistakable high quality, effortless interface makes it easy to forget the world outside and go full tilt boogie to your hearts content.

Yeah, I recommend this amazing app. Go to iTunes  and buy it. You’ll be glad you did.

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