What’s up.

I have been receiving a lot of great emails about people taking the plunge into creating music on iOS. It’s been very inspiring, and a huge honor to hear from folks who have read my blog, listened to my music and then deciding to take the leap. Nothing makes me happier than to hear from people all around the world who have felt my efforts were worthy of their time to just reach out and say hello. Then to also learn that I might have had an impact on their decision, is just an honor. I just wanted to say thank you, I’m very touched.

Lately I’ve been slow to review and update my blog page. I assure you all it’s only because the past few months have been challenging for me. A friend of mine Neal Murril, who was a very talented musician, and all around great guy passed away. I was very sad, and still am. Add to that various minor but energy consuming illnesses, and disc issues in my neck, all have prevented me from being very active with this blog of mine.
I have however been working on new music for a couple projects and of course personal fulfillment, but haven’t completed much that is what I would consider presentable yet.

I’m also trying to decide on a way to best present some more writing about my iOS music crafting process. I know I’ve said that a lot for a while. Honestly I wasn’t really convinced it was of significant interest, so I shelved that project. Recently though I have recieved a considerable number of communications requesting me to write more about that process in a way that might be instructional. Again, I’m honored by the requests, but also still not sure what the best approach is? I certainly don’t presume to have every detail figured out. I don’t want to be missunderstood as a know it all, cause I just don’t know everything. I suppose though I could write at least some sort of core concept piece that might be instructional, and helpful to some degree. Really in the end it’s more about how the individual sees how everything works together, and makes it comfortable to their styles.

I have been doing a lot of experimenting with technique to try and develope more complex sounds, and interesting arrangements. I really want to combine my love for ambient electronic with my inner rocker without being totally obscure in result or deviating to far from the ambient core. I guess I am trying to make ambient rocktronica in some sense? It’s by no means a new direction, or genre shift. I’m still mostly focussed on the ambient style that I love so much, and that will always be my heart and soul priority.
It sure is fun at least to try new things. One other new thing I’m working out is creating new instrumentation with percussive samples and the likes. Such as turning a heavy bass kick drum into a soft windy pad. Or the drumming sounds of fingers on a snare that become an arpeggiated melody.

Well, anyway to answer the recently and often asked question im hearing lately, Yes, I’m still here, working hard, exploring, communicating and yes I will post more reviews soon.
I’m still waiting for Fateless Records to launch his new website ( I’m so not holding my breath on that anymore, it’ll come together when he’s ready ), and waiting on a label compilation album to contribute a couple tracks for. If and when that ever happens it’ll be a free digital release. Im sure it will all happen eventually, I’ve just stopped looking forward to it in quiet anticipation.

StillStream, an Internet radio show has asked permission to play tracks from Technopolis Lost. I had to sign something a few weeks ago that will allow them to air my music on their show. I’m pretty excited about that and though I haven’t checked, I should be on their play list soon.
Sunday Synth, Atmospheres, Radio Happy, and Alien Air Music, have also been extremely supportive radio shows to include my music in their broadcasts now and then. There’s been several other stations mostly in Europe that I’m told have also kindly played a track or two of mine. All in all it’s more than I had hoped for, and I’m so extremely grateful for their support. All that hard work sending promos, “One Sheets”, and countless emails have had positive results. Every single airing is a blessing that excites me to extremes.

So all said, I’m just doing my usual thing. I’ll post more soon, if you want to see a review for something specific just send me an email and I’ll see what I can do.
Thank you so much for all the amazing support, and for reading my little blog. I’m sorry if I am slow to respond sometimes to emails, but I do read them all and enjoy getting them.

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