AudioShare – Audio Document Manager Review

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Review based on use with iPads 2&3

Developed by:  Jonatan  Liljedahl

If you make music using iOS devices and apps,
you know how important it is to be
able to move sounds around in your various music apps without complication.
Having the ability to have them categorized and stored in a single place and
quickly move them around has not been much of a one stop option until Audio

AudioShare is not just a middle man for transferring audio
files; forever constrained to audio copy/paste. Yes, it supports audio
copy/paste in both Sonoma and General Pasteboard, inbound and outbound. It also
supports all the other current methods of transferring audio files (except
inbound from SoundCloud) beyond just ACP. Upload to SoundCloud, DropBox, Open In, email, iTunes File Sharing  and planned support for AudioBus, AudioShare
covers the sharing options very well.

Check out developer Jonatan Liljedahl’s website HERE

Sharing so smoothly is just half of it. It is a very convenient tool for
managing all those recordings that are (or were?) saved in individual music
apps. Now with Audio Share you can take all those recordings and create your own
audio library. All contained neatly in this one easily accessible app. Files
& categories can be named, renamed, and moved. Piece of cake.

AudioShare also has the ability to record sounds via device or external
microphone. All audio files can be played back displaying the waveform in a
window on-screen. You can manipulate the cursor by touch to rewind or move the
audio forward. It doesn’t scrub, and you can’t edit anything, but that’s not
what this app is about. Audio Share is all about making it easy and fast to
store, organize, and move sounds between compatible music apps. It’s all done in
a neat, single screen interface. No clutter, entirely intuitive, and…I wish I
had this last year. So simple it hurts.

AudiShare only has limitations
imposed upon it. Limits are not created by the app itself. Such as:  the list of
files available on the pasteboard is limited to 12 most recently copied sounds,
and “Open In” will display only up to about 10 apps. That’s problem for anyone
with more than 10 music apps. Which is probably nearly everyone.
Apple is to
blame for these limitations. Hopefully Apple will hear the cries of all the
developers and we end users soon, and lift these restrictions.

 I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m relieved to finally have AudioShare. No more
trying to remember what recordings are in which app. We finally have a single
app; a digital audio library to manage our iOS music sounds in a super clean,
easy to use application that just plain works!

If you make music with an
iDevice, you need this app. It just makes sense.

Highly recommended!

Get organized. Click HERE to be directed to iTunes where AudioShare can
be purchased.


  1. That was a great review of Audio Share, and your reviews in general are certainly standing out from the others I read. I really like the posibilities this app offers and it looks like a great place to store files. The extra recording feature just makes it that much more useful too. I’m a big fan of Jonatan’s BitWiz app but was putting off getting Audio Share because I have other apps that do a similar thing, like Reforge for example. But after reading your review I’ve realised that this app really does have it’s place and would be very useful. Winning it would just make it that little bit more special than it already is 🙂

  2. That was such a great review of Audio Share, and I’ve found all of your other reviews have really made a big difference to how I view each app and open my eyes to the possibilities they offer. I’m already a big fan of Jonatan’s BitWiz app but have put off getting this one because I wasn’t sure how useful it would be. Thank you for showing me how great an addition this app would be. It is such a great way to store files and the recording feature makes it even more useful. Winning a copy of this app would just make it even more special 🙂

    1. Lol no worries. Still only counts as one entry,tho 🙂 I’ll throw a dart in the morning to see who gets its. Or I may only need to flip a coin if there aren’t more. Thank you still for commenting.

      1. I’m looking forward to your WaveGenerator review too, hopefully it will be after the next update though :-/

  3. cool stuff, i’m interested in this. I certainly have wound up with my files scattered across a million different apps, it gets to be a bit horrific if/when i suffer a problem with my phone and need to restore. some organisation would be a great improvement. cheers!

  4. Man, this could have been my saving grace when I was pulling a LOT of tracks from different apps into one app. I’m amazed that in the sea of generic, sometimes useless apps, there are others who stand out by their simplicity and enormous utility. Thank you for the preiew!

  5. awesome….looks like its going to be the default Explorer/File manager for iOS types
    Nice to have a central hub to manage files

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