Synergy Studio-Review

*Release Date 11-30-2012 expected price $19.99 USD 13.99 GB

Developed by 4PocketsAudio

4PocketsAudio, makers of Aurora Sound Studio and Meteor bring us a unique new program called Synergy Studio. If you’ve seen their Aurora program you’ll notice some similarities. Not to say Synergy is the same, not at all. Synergy is a whole new ball game. 16 tracks, robust automation options, lovely instruments, quality FX with 3 bus sends, Waveform editing, and so much more packed into this fully loaded studio offering.

Personally speaking I’ve never properly bonded with the “Tenori-ish” style interface. Somehow Synergy delivers that style of experience but with a much greater integration of intuitive design and a massive amount of tools. Seriously, this thing is packed to the brim. It has a flow to it that feels more fluid than others of this style. For this interface style, Synergy provides the most comfortable music production environment.

Synergy can do it all. From being used like an instrument, creating simple short patterns, or highly complex layers chaining into a full-blown pro quality production. It can be done. Compose, mix, edit, and master all in one place.

The variety of included preset instruments are many and really have a high-end sound quality to them. No cheap sounding presets, though not exactly stuff we haven’t heard before. All of the presets can be modified in great detail to create a new sound, and then be saved for future use. If that’s not enough, (and really is it ever?) you can of course import your own samples via Dropbox.

Synergy is a fully loaded ride, so I recommend checking 4PocketsAudio for the full detailed list of specs and features HERE

16 tracks is a nice amount of room to work in for an all-in-one mobile studio. It’s a unique environment to produce music in, with the colorful sequencer, buttons full of tools, or sub menus with even further options. It can be a tad confusing at first. Thankfully for those familiar with 4Pockets previous entries into iOS music there will be a lighter learning curve, as much of the menu structure is very familiar. If this is your first shot at their products, don’t sweat it; the app comes packed with many helpful options including a manual. If you can read, you can figure it out.

I’ve been giving Synergy a good workout for a few weeks, and I’m happy to report that so far it’s not crashed once. Hooray for stability! A very important thing to consider when shopping for a complete mobile music studio. Compared to some of the more recent studio apps, Synergy does sound the best.
I can see Synergy being an attractive option for anyone looking for a fresh and complete studio view. Even if you’re not in the market for a whole new studio, Synergy would make a fine addition to your collection as a sequencer, editor, and looper. The sequencing and arpeggiator alone is worth the price of admission. Background audio enabled, MIDI, and direct audio recording add to the many useful options.

Simply put, Synergy is complete. I think it’s 4Pockets’best effort to date.

All things considered, this is potentially a great app. 4 stars, recommended.—See UPDATE below.

Buy Synergy Studio at iTunes, November 30 2012

UPDATED 1-28-13

Synergy Studio now supports Audiobus. A very welcome feature for sure!
As well as having added Audiobus support 4Pockets has addressed stability concerns effecting some users.
There still seems to be some slightly noticeable latency on the “Dots” and the keyboard input making live play a bit challenging for rhythmic players. Generally speaking I’m not having much difficulty with Synergy’s latency with making electronic music less dependent on beats. This may be different for others.
It has some quirks and could use a little more polish overall, but nothing that impedes its functionality.
As with any new music app of this complexity its understandable that there will be things to iron out. I would consider SynergyStudio to be a fine addition to any collection of music apps. With Audiobus support now, having Synergy and Meteor together offers keen advantages and convenience.

Stay tuned.


  1. Sounds like an app worth looking into. One thing I’ve missed being restricted to an iPad since hurricane Sandy is the ability to start (or even continue) a musical project. I’ve been learning a lot though, thanks to sites like this one. And one day soon I’ll be back.
    I’ll place this app on my list.

  2. I wonder what the major differences are between this and Aurora HD? Apart from the price, that is. I am currently using Xenon and Sunvox but am looking for a more user-friendly replacement. Love the Tenori- style interface.

    1. Aurora is good for sure, but to me its more of an instrument/Tenori clone of sorts. Synergy is more of a full music production work station with more tools to refine, edit, master a production & with automation.(Correct me if I’m wrong please, I don’t recall Aurora having automation?) Just my opinion, Synergy is much more comfortable to work with. Synergy is also landscape view where Aurora is portrait. It’s like Aurora and Meteor had a child, Synergy. At any rate, infinitely better than SunVox.

  3. What about realtime recording? Does it record midi through coremidi in realtime or does it have to be entered in tenori style? Does audio recording have realtime input monitoring?

    For the sampler, does it have multisamples capability and does it have velocity layers? When a sample instrument is made, can it be shared?

    Sorry for so many questions, but it seems like a great option to others.


    1. Hi Marlow. Sorry I took so long to get back on your questions. I wanted to double check with the developer to make sure I could provide the best answer right from the experts who created SynergyStudio. Here is the response they gave me.
      “Synergy doesn’t have sampling facilities as such, but the sampler does allow you to record your own. Yes, it allows input monitoring and layering of multiple samples across the 6 octaves range. So you can layer sounds or simply zone them.
      Synergy allows you to lay notes of differing velocities & control track volumes, pan etc using controllers.
      You can backup your sounds using FTP so I guess you could share them wit friends that way.”

      I hope that helps. Thanks.

  4. It’s on sale for 10 bucks, which ends tonight. I worry about the latency. I AM a rhythmic player, so that’s a major issue. I also trend to get overwhelmed by “studio” apps…I would rather have a single (or a few) comprehensive apps with the rest being highly targeted in terms of features and refinement. Having said that, I love matrix-style sequencing. It’s very quick method. I’ll decide after a few more beers, maybe some wine. Back to the latency…it actually isn’t a huge deal for me if a piano interface experiences some hiccups; drum pads better be instantaneous for me, since I record live before editing when using percussion apps.

  5. Hello again, I wanted to ask you if synergy has a drum slicer, or chord functions, and does it have side chain compression? It’s on sale right now for $12.99 , still kind of steep pricing in my mind but if it has these features might be worth it.

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