Best Of 2012

That was fast. A whole year has come and gone seemingly in a blink. The iOS music scene has moved closer to mainstream acceptance. Many advances have come pushing us and our devices into new territories of music production. Loads of new people have taken the plunge into iOS music embracing the concepts, challenges, and growing benefits. This past year has seen amazing growth in those using iOS and in the technical advances of the apps designed.

The novelty is worn off. For me it wore off long ago. This is for real. The future is happening now, and iOS music is becoming a very significant part of the whole music world. Even though still relatively in its early stages iOS music is a force. Full of great artists, bloggers, and developers propelling it forward. It’s you, me, and everyone willing to do something a little different.

This past year has brought us some incredible new developments in the apps we use. So I salute the very best, the most innovative music apps of 2012.

What follows are a few of the best new iOS music apps RELEASED in 2012.

Best Drum & Percussion – DrumJam – A remarkable way to make beats.

Best Synth – Magellan – 2 fantastic synths in 1 with combined 6 oscillators, & built in sequencer

Best Sampler – Samplr – A brilliantly crafted sampler that inspires creativity in a well design U.I.

Best Sequencer – iPolySix – A reborn classic synth with automation & intuitive sequencing.

Best Generative – SpaceWiz – Make a whole solar system sing. Just beautiful.

Best Glitch – GlitchBreaks – Ridiculously fun & crazy useful. A category all it’s own.

Best Virtual MIDI controller – Gestrument- Expressive, easy, and well made. Endless inspiration.

Best iDAW – Auria – A truly high quality virtual recording studio complete with serious FX, full automation, splendid mastering tools, and plug ins. Attentive development & more on the way. The iOS iDAW.

Best Innovative Design – Impaktor – You, A table, iPad & drum out for real. The ultimate drum kit.

Best Unique Sound Creation – iPulsaret – The most complete granular synthesis app.

Best iOS Music App of 2012 – Audiobus – Simply ties it all together with ease.


It has been another amazing year full of great music app development. I want to thank everyone for reading my reviews and who enjoy my music. lots more to come!
I also thank the developers for all their hard work to bring us such fantastic apps.

Hey, if you think I left something out that really deserves inclusion leave a comment about it. There are certainly lots of very good new music apps beyond just what I felt are the best. The apps I chose above are just what, in my humble opinion really stood out, brought something new to the table and changed how I make music. Also this list is only for music apps released in 2012. Prior years releases are a whole other kind of list.

Honorable Mention- AudioShare, PPG WaveGenerator, Audulus, EchoPad, & Borderlands are just a handful of some of the other big stand outs of this past year.

Cheers and Happy New Year!


  1. Great list. I’d add the iMPC sampler from Retronyms to it . Great as a stand alone beatbox/sampler , enen better when used in the TableTop app .

  2. Cheers David for all the work you do every year in the world of ios music. Great list! I ‘d mention JamUp Pro for some wicked amp sounds and effects but especially for their quick integration to Audiobus and Auria. Miles ahead of all the other guitar/bass apps. Have a peaceful holiday , looking forward to your blogs in 2013! John

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