Bip- Review


Bip- A Mini Review
Bip is made By: Stephen O’Hara, sohla

Once in a while a iOS music app comes along that strikes me as something I really wish was available when I was first trying out making music with iOS. Bip is one of those. It is currently not iPad native, but works just fine on mine.


Bip is a rhythmic pattern music maker loaded up with hundreds of samples that can be tweaked and arranged manually. You can also import your own samples through AudioPaste or iTunes file share. The interface is colorful, simple and has a unique look that is all easy to navigate by touch & gestures. The smooth U.I. makes for swift control during a performance or recording.
There is a good amount of adjustable parameters to fine tune your music. Beginners should feel very comfortable and find making great music a delight. This is a perfect addition to iPhone or iPod musicians looking for something easy to use, sounds very good, and inspires creativity.


Bip is an amusement park of sound and possibilities with piles of potential. A widely appealing, accessible, and fun pattern based music making app. It is sure to engage new and experienced users alike.

If you want something to make rhythmic patterns quickly and easily on your iPhone or iPod touch, Bip is certainly worth the purchase. Packed with a detailed instruction manual to help you along the path to frustration-free music crafting. A satisfying choice for anyone starting their iOS music adventure who wants great sound options in a small & friendly package.


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  1. I totally missed this one until it showed up on a certain list πŸ˜‰

    You make a good point about how a clean, smooth UI makes for easier use during performance. A lot of the more advanced apps have plenty of knobs, buttons, sliders and menus that are great in the studio, but not so much on the stage. Perhaps some of those might consider adding a “performance mode” – just an idea. πŸ™‚

    I think these mini-reviews will work out great. Good luck and thanks for taking the time to do this.


    1. Hey Clif, thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Your name came up drawn blind from a cereal bowl . Ill email you the code to the same email you used for leaving a comment. Thanks πŸ™‚ congrats!

    1. It is quite capable for what it does. I think its way better than the often compared to Figure app. It’s a simple but fairly detailed little app. Maybe not anything I’d use now, but I really wish I had Bip when I first started.
      I’m not sure, was my ” Mini Review ” too mini?
      Thank you

  2. Great review. I love the interface. We have touch screens and velocimeters and gyroscopes; every misic app doesn’t need to look like an exact virtual representation of real hardware…and turning knobs is a PITA. Will be definitely be an addition to my collection once I recharge the itunes account. Even though I primarily use an iPad mini now, these apps are great for recording ideas when on the go. Have you by any chance used this with Thumbjam (if you use that software, of course)?

  3. I haven’t seen this one yet and it does look intriguing. Is there any record function or copy and paste for use in another app or DAW? I didn’t notice that in the specs. Thanks for the review and the video. I love finding new app…although I’m convinced I have A.A.S (app acquisition syndrome)

    1. Record and audio paste yes. Just iTunes file share for export unless I really utterly was looking right at it, and didn’t see AudioCopy for exporting a recording done in bip.

      1. Well, at least there is a record function. I don’t use my ios devices for too much live playing so if there is no way to record then the app certainly doesn’t see as much playing time. Especially with audio bus even copy and paste and itunes file sharing is starting to seem antiquated but hey it’s better than some apps like iterator and scape that don’t have a record feature…thanks!

      2. Yeah, Scape sure looks interesting, but I can’t see it as much more than a clever novelty app as is. Nothing wrong with that, but a seemingly pointless limitation.

      1. Maria,
        bip now has recording feature including sample accurate loop recording. these recordings can be copied to pasteboard, emails or dropboxed.

  4. Bio, Figure, Werkbench, they’re all so great for getting the creative juices flowing quickly. Fun and effective!

  5. Thanks for the great review. To answer some questions :
    There is currently no recording features available in bip. However, an update is currently in review with background audio and audiobus features added. There are also a number of features i hope to add in the coming months. Some of which i am currently working on.

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