Arpeggionome Pro – Review


Arpeggionome Pro By: Alexandernaut

UPDATED: 6-23-2013

Arpeggionome Pro was already getting a fine work out on my iPad controlling other MIDI capable synths and the likes. Now Audiobus support has been added to further expand the apps functionality. Audiobus wasn’t really a necessity since the apps Arpeggionome Pro controls sends the recorded audio through Audiobus to whatever output is being used. It does however make things much easier to do. Triggering the record function while in AP definitely speeds up the process and eliminates extra home button clicks.
Personally I really appreciate the landscape view support being added. Choice is good.
Don’t underestimate this app. This is a strong piece of software and is worth the cost.

Original Review:

I’ve been looking around for a robust, dedicated Arpeggiator app to add to my iPad music studio. Since I don’t use any midi hardware and have found most virtual midi capable apps less than exciting, they often don’t escape my self induced blind spot. There are some very good ones, and then there are those like Arpeggionome Pro that blow me away. This is one cool program! I am kicking myself for having missed it until now.


Arpeggionome Pro is first and foremost a midi controller. It is a very complex Arpeggiator with a full plate of programming capabilities. It has its own built in synthesizer, but very basic. Using this to control any (virtual) midi capable synth is where it at. Thanks to a thoughtful design that inspires easy use, making midi connections is a breeze.
Deigned to control pretty much anything midi, Arpeggionome Pro beckons users to put it to work with what ever you want it to control. Quantize first note, use any of the 16 channel sends, midi clock sync, so on and so on. If its midi, Arpeggionome Pro can do it.
Making virtual midi connections are effortless and more up my alley for my uses. In no time I was enjoying this marvelous app controlling my favorite synths and crafting some slick arps.


The range of arpeggio pattern controls are splendid. Center screen is the performance matrix for primary pattern control by touch to manipulate first triggered note (left & right) and pattern speed (up & down). 6 groups of button matrices and 8 virtual knobs frame the performance matrix. Make pattern adjustments in any size, shape or speed on the fly. Theres no need to stop the flow just to change where it goes, the octaves, gate, speeds etc.
Having all the controls right there in your face makes this one very tidy experience. At the top of the screen is also a visual indication of the notes as they are played out on a virtual keyboard.

See screen shot below for details on the button matrices and knob controls.
For even more details please visit Alexandernaut here! There is a lot going on under the hood.


As you can see (from the screen shots) the available controls are not just numerous, but also just a quick tap or slide away. No changing screens, or menus to dig through. One screen with everything. This is designed with consideration to those performing live and with the adjustable accelerometer assigned messages, (like, pitchbend, gate, etc) Arpeggionome Pro becomes a whole new instrument full of expressive possibilities.
With the combination of all the available options to make up your own unique arpeggios you’ll soon discover this is all you’ll want for your pattern programming needs. Nothing opens up a greater, more pleasant experience for creating any arps you can imagine. Plus a nice selection of preset patterns to use or build off are included as well.
Anything you create can be saved for future use and is quickly accessible via the pattern banks on the bottom of the same screen.


Arpeggionome Pro has no record, audio copy, or Audiobus support. Audiobus support is planned. Even without it Arpeggionome Pro can control a synth assigned to an Audiobus input which can then be captured by whatever output you are using. It works fine as is, but starting a recording in an output slot app from the very handy Audiobus remote control would be a nice addition here.

If you want something to create specialized and unique arpeggios beyond the usual fare get Arpeggionome Pro and start making some serious arps. This is powerful, fun, and creative. All packed into an intuitive interface that works with you. This is a masterpiece in design and functionality.

Smashing! 5 stars Click here to buy Arpeggionome Pro in iTunes.

*There is also a lighter version called simply “Arpeggionome” with fewer features at a smaller price.


  1. I agree with what your saying there dude but it wouldn’t get 5stars from me, it would only get 4.98 (lol) 0.01 for audiobus missing now & more importantly I would like to see a landscape mode as most synths that you control are set up for landscape mode, so another 0.01 missing.

    I love this app, without fail but would love to see a landscape mode as it would help switching apps a little easier IMHO.

    1. One little suggestion – it would be cool if the large playing surface could have different assignments besides just arp start and arp speed. For example, for me, playing with the key and scale would have more musical value than changing the speed of the arp. I find it a little tricky to do it with accuracy from the little dedicated knobs up on top. Seems like there should be a lot of different cool midi things you could do with that large touch surface. Great app though.

  2. not to be confused with Arpeggionome which you refer to this as. Arpeggionome is 2.99 i think and does not have virtual midi. also has less controls. I wish some of the options in the submenu were on the main screen. why have a submenu when there is plenty of blank space? anyway arpeggionome pro looks good, but the price has deterred me so far.

    1. I don’t see where I referred to this as anything but Arpeggionome Pro? Just in case anyone gets confused though, I added a small note about that at the bottom of the review.

      1. I just saw that the updated version correcting that failed to upload a couple days ago. Thanks for the heads up, or I’d have not known the revisions failed to upload. I was looking at the corrected one. Much appreciated. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the review. I purchased the app based on your original review and am happy I did.

    Quick question: how much do you use the vertical dimension on the grid to change speed? I find that I generally stay on one row. I was wondering what that axis could be used for instead of speed (as on optional configuration). Different arpeggio patters, modulation keys?

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