SmiteMatter Interviewed by Bruce Gall

I was interviewed recently by Bruce Gall who hosts (in addition to his ARFM Sunday Synth) OneWorldMusic: “Atmospheres”.
A weekly electronic music radio show.
This interview was done via Skype and recorded near the end of June. I admit I was a little nervous. Being interviewed in the form of a written publication is one thing, but speaking is a bit daunting for me.

In this interview we had a nice chat about my music and iOS as a medium for creation. We talk about many things including how I started, apps I use, the technology and much more.

Check it out if you so wish by clicking on the following link:

I hope you find it entertaining, useful, or at least worth your time.

Some things I mentioned. “Galaxy Explorer”, Waldorf Nave, Lazer Kat Records, iPadMusician Compilation Vol 2, Audiobus, Galileo, and more.


  1. A good interview, you come across fine. Inspiring! I found the Tangerine Dream reference interesting (not only because they started in my home town ;)).

    For me, the Korg iMS20 app was kind of a time machine, bringing back memories of the “real” Korg MS20 that I borrowed decades ago from a friend for some weeks (couldn’t afford to buy one). Unbelievable what I can get for a few bucks today …

    1. Thank you kindly! Tangerine Dream is on of my all time favorites. They have had a significant influence on me. Yeah…iMS-20 is such a nostalgic piece. Back when synths like it were selling I could never have afforded any of them. Now….holy cow…I can get and play anything for insanely low prices in comparison, and no drop in the quality whatsoever.

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