AUFX:Space – Review

AUFX: Space
A High Quality Reverb From: Kymatica
Available Now From iTunes App Store


Reverb is one of those FX that is found almost everywhere. It’s used in so many settings. From ambient electronic to heavy metal, reverb is in most any music. It’s not just an effect for music, but also something that occurs naturally in seemingly mundane places. Basements, cathedrals, auditoriums, arenas, and caves to name a few. It is often equated to vast space. Sometimes outer space, which is ironic as sound doesn’t carry in a vacuum. Sure that’s not literal when referring to reverb in terms of space with stars and planets, but it does represent the vastness that reverb can convey.

So “Space” is a good descriptive word when we are talking about reverb. AUFX: Space, is the latest and the first in a series of effects units being developed by Kymatica. You may know of Kymatica from their other highly useful and quality apps like “AudioShare” “BitWiz” and “Gestrument” among others.
What the rest of the AUFX series turns out to include remains to be seen, but “Space” is a great start. Reverb and iOS have not had a long running record of high quality offerings. “Space” aims to change that going forward. Finally a stand alone high quality reverb app is here.


AUFX: Space is a high quality 32 bit DSP reverb unit with enough adjustable parameters to shape or mimic countless reverb types superbly.
All the standard reverb parameters plus a few more are built in to Space. Spread, Damping, Pre-Delay, Wet/Dry, Scale, Gain, Room Size, Color, and both LoPass and HiPass resonant filters with Cutoff. Very nearly complete. I say nearly because it’s missing a parameter I’ve been seeking for ages in iOS reverbs; “Swirl” or “Chorus” of sorts. Not like a full-on Chorus effect, which I suspect will be offered later in the AUFX series, but a kind that adds a dimension of movement with the reverberations. Maybe it’ll come, but it’s a lot to ask for since it would add more power demands to an already efficient app. No need to over do it, but it would be nice to see for once.


The numerous highly adjustable parameters I listed from Space have allowed me to make some fantastic-sounding effects that nothing (Aurias Reverb Plug Ins are the exception) in iOS has allowed before. Space scratches the reverb itch.
Deep, rich, warm, and expansive to short, cold, subtle and every effect in-between sound really nice. Unlike most iOS reverb options, which by comparison to “Space” sound very thin, cheap, and like they’re coming from within tin cans. They have been improving slowly, but this is a significant and targeted advancement. AUFX: Space fills a void (no pun intended) I thought might never be filled. I wish I had this 2 years ago.


Process hardware input/output or other apps through Audiobus (input/filter/output slots supported).
Ready for the future inter-app audio standard.
Fully MIDI controllable, including Virtual MIDI.
Background Audio.
Save and load user presets.
Comes with several bundled presets.
Record the result directly in app.
Email recordings or export to AudioShare audio document manager app.
Access user presets and recordings through iTunes File Sharing.


Using this app with Audiobus has proven to be problem free so far as I’ve experienced on my iPads 3 and 4. In case “clipping” were to happen there is a thoughtful “limiter” function which can be enabled from the menu. It says it adds 10MS to latency, but I haven’t noticed it. You can also save your concoctions to call up later easily from the menu.

The U.I. is simple and uncluttered making usage effortless. Its just you and Space with nothing distracting. The way it should be. With the ability to record directly, run through all Audiobus slots, and MIDI including virtual MIDI, its ready for any project. Not to mention its already built with iOS 7s “inter-app audio” standard in mind and prepared for when iOS7 releases.
When this releases (could be sometime in July) I would encourage anyone who wants a simple yet sophisticated and excellent reverb option to pick this up.

EDIT: 7-23-2013
I wanted to add that I have been using “Space” with my iRig Mic to capture audio recording directly to the app. It was not only convenient, but really sounded great even through the iRig. Just holding on the recording from the menu brings up a option to quickly move files to AudioShare.
The launch price of $3.99 is a steal! Low price compared to others, but by no means is this cheap. Sure you could go spend $10 $20 or more for other stand alone FX, but you won’t get anything better than this.

It will be very interesting to see what Kymatica offers next in the AUFX apps series. I for one am very eager to find out. At any rate, this is a really great start!


  1. Interesting that AD480 posted about a day after your review of AUFX. I got the free version, and felt it was a bit of a “Hmmm?” manoeuvre on their part. Similar name, and to a degree, even the graphics to the point that I thought it was the Verb you reviewed. Maybe that should not bug me, but it does, as well as the price, and lack of any video info available. Big footprint, too. Sketchy info about whether the Basic resolves as high as the pro version, but I doubt it…Time the teller of truth, I guess…

    1. It’s probably just a coincidence. I had no idea AD480 existed or was in development until yesterday. I don’t want to judge it too much without testing it, but having no filters, and only the most basic reverb parameters ( even in the “pro” version, unless I missed something) strike me as a bit underwhelming for the price. Who knows? It might be amazing. I already have my reverb needs fulfilled with my Auria plug ins so I’m not likely to spend the $20 to find out. I’d be happy to hear from anyone who does know first hand about AD480 Pro.
      By the way I got the free version as well just this morning. That version does not impress me.

      1. I got the basic, and it sounds very good, however, as I suspected, these guys seem a little dodgy with the way they sell the product. Unless I am missing something, you cannot upgrade to Pro via an in App Purchase, but have to repay the full price. I say that is total dog swill, and I contacted them to let them know that out west (or, hopefully everywhere), nobody should or will put up with that B.S., and advised them to change it before they start getting a well deserved thumbs down…

  2. Actually, he contacted me, and was very nice. Apple, according to him, has dropped the ball on this, and has made it impossible to upgrade. You have to purchase each one! That is kind of bad…it is a great sounding reverb…but that seems off…Tell me I’m wrong. he agreed with me, and said developers are pretty furious over it…

  3. I got the Pro version in spite of it all. It is fantastic, as good a reverb as I have ever heard in a box…Cheers…

    1. Awesome. I hope I get a chance to review the Pro version. So far I’m very impressed with AUFX:Space, but not so much with AD480 Free version. I really would like to experience its full potential. Just waiting to hear back from developer about getting a copy.

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