Life On Mars


Ever have a period during your life when everything just fell apart? Despite your best efforts everything just grew out if control? Ever find yourself searching for things to sell so you could pay rent? Whether you have or not, if you have any shred of human compassion you will understand it’s no picnic. I for one have a unfortunate close understanding of it myself. Asking for help is extremely difficult. Nobody wants to be a charity case. Pride can easily get in the way.
My friend and fellow blogger Ryan Hemeon of iOSMars is in this very desperate situation. He doesn’t want to ask for help, but he needs it. I am in a very similar situation myself,so I can understand his feelings on all of it. However this is not about me. It’s about compassion and doing the right thing to help a person out. Now before you go on about how everyone is having a tough time these days, or simply dismiss the whole thing, just try to think about what you’d like someone to do for you if you were in the same situation. This isn’t a scenario of a guy being a little short, it’s beyond simple minor financial difficulties. We are talking close to homelessness here. He works hard to provide excellent video reviews of countless iOS Music Applications to assist potential customers in their decision whether or not to buy. Countless promo codes for apps have been given away to people for free.

Don’t know about iOSMars? Check out his website

Now begging for change is not the premise here either. You will get something in return for your donation. The whole of the iOS Music community has come together to create a 3 volume set of compilations. Music from artists around the world. I have contributed a track (but being in the same situation as Ryan, cannot donate any money) to the Vol. 3 “Life On Mars” benefit compilation. There is a wide variety of artists that include Derek Buddemeyer, The Oxford Ambient Collective, Jesper Jones, Maria Calfa-De Paul, Caustic Sunshine, Pants Of Death, and so many more on the collection.
So it’s no small thing to say you get something in return for your good deed. That’s pretty damn fair.

I know, nobody likes to pay for music anymore. There is some general feeling among many consumers that art just happens in spare time. Well, anyone who has a creative bone in their body knows that’s simply not so. It takes much time, effort, and dedication. Whether you like the results or not, it’s art, and it’s worth your dollar. Writing and making video reviews takes much effort and time to understand and then convey accurate assessments of the subject. All things considered, it’s work. Work with very little compensation, but done for the love of music and the reward of helping others choose what to buy or not. In this case you will also be helping a good person out. So why not?

Whatever you decide, I thank you, and Ryan thanks you for consideration and or donation to help iOSMars continue.

The 3 volume compilations can be found

A cup of coffee can run about $3 these days. Drink it up, and piss it away. Buy a song from a artist for a buck or so (or an album for some more bucks) and you get piece of something special, forever yours to enjoy.

PS. Sorry about the links. My WordPress mobile app is broken and despite doing exactly what I’ve always done to provide links, WordPress decided to not show them to you. So I have to put those web addresses instead.

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