A Real Situation

I hesitated to ask for help for so long, that everything has become beyond my control. Way beyond. I guess I’m a victim of my own pride.
Well, at any rate I took the advice of a few virtual (but very real to me) friends to put myself out there and ask for help during a very dire financial struggle.
So I posted on my Facebook “SmiteMatter” page, status update, a plea for your help. I included our Pay Pal account, email identifier in the hope of maybe receiving a little financial help from people.
The Pay Pal account I posted is shared by me and my wife Christina but in her name and email. “Paltrynoise[at]gmail.com

I’m usually a open book. I rarely hold much back. Some things I just elude to without offering great detail. I do want to keep some things private. That’s pretty hard to do when asking publicly for help.
I hope you’ll understand if I leave out certain details that I find embarrassing enough to keep private.
If you must know, I will discuss it privately one on one. Just email me. My contact information is everywhere including the sidebar of this blog.

Our situation like many is dire. My wife and I both are unemployed. Not by any fault of our own. We have and do look for work under every stone. It’s just not there. Not for us anyway. People say, oh this place or that “Mac Job” place is always hiring. Well, we looked, asked, applied, followed up, and tried again. They were not hiring us. Why? Don’t know, but it’s extremely frustrating.
We lost our home 6 years ago due to some shady dealings between lifelong family friends who made sweet love to my rectum and cheated us out of our deal to buy the house.
I have medical needs each month that I simply cannot live without and still function. This is something I wish to keep the details of private. Nothing terribly unusual but expensive, and necessary. For what its worth, I am completely sober and have been since March 18, 2010. I don’t do any drugs. None. I don’t even smoke pot. I don’t drink alcohol either. I smoke cigarettes and that’s it. I don’t even buy cigarettes, I roll my own at a fraction of the cost to manufactured cigarettes and vaporizers. I spend a mere $24 every couple months for tobacco and tubes that equate to about 2 cartons. Yes smoking at all is stupid, but right now my preference to go to vaporizers is financially out if reach. I intend to go back to vaporizers when things stabilize so I can finally quit.
I’ve taken my sobriety very seriously and have never once cheated. That’s a choice I’ve made for my own reasons. I mention this because I was told a particularly rude person has lied to many people suggesting what I say here is untrue. It is a fact beyond reproach that the person is simply spreading lies, inventing rumor that only shows their lack of class. To what end? I have no idea. What kind of person does that, kicking someone when they are down? I feel very sorry for that person, and I hope he gets help for his issues.

That’s really the largest part of the expenses we are short on, and without. A job is on the horizon for me, but being a government run program (Care Giver) it takes a stupid amount of time and red tape to get through before I see a pay check.

In short, my wife, son, and I, are facing extremely scary scenarios. So bad that despite our best efforts cannot avoid without help financial from others. So desperate and immediate that I am swallowing my pride asking anyone and everyone who can to please help with any amount they can comfortably offer. Here we are. I humbly ask (and not without some shame) for your help donating any amount to our Pay Pal so we can just survive. A dollar, or two, or more or whatever. Even a friendly message, or sharing this plea with anyone you can think of. It all helps. Even just buying my music helps down the road. A track or the album, whatever. Anything you’re comfortable with.

I guess my WordPress account is too basic as there is no Pay Pal “Widget” to put an easy “Donate” button up. So I can only ask to please
donate to our Pay Pal under my wife Christina’s name: Paltrynoise[at]gmail.com, my wife! son Jacob, and I truly, with deep sincerity thank you for anything you can help with.

With humility and gratitude: David A Israel AKA SmiteMatter


  1. I wish you all the best, as your site is my go to iOS info site. I hope some of the developers are considering helping you out, as you have spent a lot of time and energy being supportive of them, and helping to establish some serious credibility for this community…

  2. Hello, I wish you only good things for your and your family’s future and hope that these hard times will come to an end soon! I just bought your album on iTunes, but I’m afraid that this small amount of money is not much help, and I have no credit card or paypal account. I’m wondering if there is any other way to donate a bit of money to you?

    1. Thank you Christoph! I wouldn’t want to cause you (or anybody) any trouble trying to further contribute beyond what you have. Just enjoy the music and know that you have been very kind and helpful. Cheers.

  3. Hi Dave,

    I can’t help since I find myself in financial trouble (which I actually appreciate because it’s like fire under your ass, pushing you out of your comfort zone towards action!), but at least I want to wish you good luck. I also hope you will manage without selling your music equipment! Well, as long as you’re not selling your soul… 😉

    Be happy!

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