Swoopster – Review

Swoopster is made by: HoldernessMedia
Available in the iTunes App Store

HoldernessMedia, known for its excellent EchoPad delay app brings us a new stand alone Flanger/Fuzz effects app: Swoopster!

Swoopster is a versatile Flanger effects app with an intuitive interface designed well for performing and recording alike. It is compatible with professional-grade USB adaptations, or easily used as an effects unit with Audiobus or Inter-App Audio (iOS 7 required for IAA) in your favorite iDAW. In addition to being a Flanger, it can produce some very fuzzy, er…Fuzz, and each channel can be independently tweaked.

Swoopster is controlled nicely with 4 X/Y pads. 2 for the left and right Flanger, and 2 for the left and right Fuzz. Each effect can be linked so that both channels are controlled by movements on either the left or right pads.

Swoopster has familiar DJ style “momentary” buttons to mute, or bypass only when touched.
The interface has a very clean design and is a cinch to use in any situation. Plus it’s easy on the eyes with no unnecessary visual fanfare, allowing a very productive experience with no fuss. The center of the performance screen has some preset parameters showcasing Swoopster’s various effects combinations to call up on a tap. Careful you don’t hit one of those during a live performance. You can save and rename your own to replace the factory presets but be sure you are on the “Tweak” page before you try to save and rename.

What’s an effects unit without customizable parameters to design your own sounds? Of course Swoopster has the appropriately named “Tweak” screen full of the relevant parameters for you to manipulate.
On this screen you have adjustable sliders for each left and right parameters of the Flanger and Fuzz sections. Again, linking is possible here. Unlink everything and you can really freak out with some sweet effects. Bounce around, Flanger on one side clean on the other, or whatever. It’s a lot of fun experimenting with independent channel effects. I personally found this capability to be most interesting.

Swoopster is simple looking and complex sounding.
Audio input and output each have a few different options, catering to whatever sound you want or need depending on the circumstances.
Using a mono microphone like iRigMic is no hindrance at all and the app’s input and output settings provide options to give a nice stereo sound quality. The “Wide Stereo” output setting really is expansive, and dramatically wider than the capable “Normal Stereo” setting.

Overall I have found Swoopster to offer a fantastic Flanger effect. I imagine it will be more popular with guitarists, but it has done a bang up job with my iOS synths as well. It has a quality sound that brings a lot to the Stand Alone Effects apps table.
Smooth, wide, comb filtered, sweeping Flanger sounds, to wild super fast vibrations and anything in between are a touch away.

The Fuzz effect is big. Although Fuzz is not something I’m a huge fan of, I can still hear the quality. It’s thick, big, scratchy, and in some cases booming and brutal. Great for guitars. It also can be tweaked to a wide range of fuzziness. Though subtlety isn’t its (Fuzz’s) best suit.

Combine both the Flanger and Fuzz or use each alone, whatever you want. It is more than just a Flanger/Fuzz. Crank it up and have some great sounding fun. Swoopster is able to be as Yanni, or as DethKlok as you want.

HoldernessMedia does it again.


  1. Great review as always! Please, count me in for the giveaway, I’d love to put my hands on this really cool little beast! Thanks! šŸ™‚

  2. Hello, i have Echo Pad app, it has a great effects quality and i like so much try this new app, looks and sounds very awesome in the videos from the developer.

  3. Holderness Media has another winner with this and it sounds GREAT with guitars
    used with amp sims. The flanger effect alone is worth the price of this app and everything
    else is a bonus. Great review, as always, you tell it like it is and on this one I agree
    with you 100% – Holderness rocks!

  4. Its also nice to see some really good videos of the depth and range of this app from the developer on their webpage

  5. This is one of those ‘go to’ effect apps, that, like Echo Pad, adds something new to each track. Giveaway or not, this is one app I’ll be sure to pick up.

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