Month: February 2014

What Am I Doing?

I thought I should write this note to explain why I haven’t posted many reviews lately. Like I’ve said before I am artist first, blogger second. Not to suggest I am disinterested with writing new reviews. No sir, and I have plenty queued up on my back burner.

I am hyper focused on getting everything completed, polished and ready for my new album “Chapters” to release in a matter of days.
It’s a lot of work. Thankfully I have some help to move things along.

The progress status as of this moment is fluid. The music is completed, and the double check mastering is in motion, but about to be wrapped up. Cover art is under way, and now it’s just a matter of making some decisions.

“Chapters” has been a long project mired with obstacles and disasters along the way causing several delays. I won’t bore you with the details, but a major data loss last year had a lot to do with the delays. Among other things.
It wasn’t all trials and tribulations of course. The joy of creating music was above all the most rewarding way to spend the time.

So what is “Chapters”? This will be my audio-biography of sorts. I started with this concept by writing about my most memorable moments in my life so far. I thought I should express myself by also sharing a bit of my biggest and most personal memories.
Each song is about specific memories that includes a individual I’ve known who had largely impacted who I am. The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, and anything in between.
I took the inspiration of each chapter and translated it best I could into music.
When the album is released I will post a more detailed explanation with the specifics relating to each track.
You can expect a variety of sounds and emotion from one to the next. However like life, the flow of the tracks will be in chronological order.
I’ve given this a lot of thought and it may be risky, but I feel it’s the most sincere and honest way for the album to flow. Or not flow.
Some tracks might have a strange change, or abruptness to it. There may even be parts that could sound like error. Whatever the assumption they are intentional.

I took some chances and tried new things, but more or less I stuck to my ambient roots. Anyway, you’ll hear soon enough. I hope. Like I said, more details will come on launch day.

So that about wraps up what I’ve been focussed on with a little insight.
I will return to reviewing music apps very soon. I have no shortage of stuff to write up.

Thanks for reading. Back soon.