Month: August 2014

Hiatus coming to an end!


We have finished moving and are sorting through boxes trying to get settled in our new home. This means that I can finally get back to doing the things I enjoy. Making music, and writing about the music apps I like.

I’ll get back to reviews very soon. The only issue is that having been away for a couple months my back log has become scary in size. So many apps came and went while I was trying to figure out where the heck we were going to live, I just don’t know where to begin?

AltiSpace, Caramel, Crystaline, MitoSynth, B-Step, Dot Melody, Bird Stepper…and oh man so many others. Not to mention plenty of updates to several of my long time “go to” music apps. Plus I have some gadgets to review like the iUSB Port, iLoud…and if it ever arrives “JamStick” is is nearly on deck too.

Well, I gotta start somewhere. I suppose I’ll throw a dart and go from there?

I’d ask for requests, but for some reason very few of you ever leave comments. Must be too labor intensive or something? 😉

Stay tuned and thank you for the support. You have all been great, and I appreciate that immensely.