Hiatus coming to an end!


We have finished moving and are sorting through boxes trying to get settled in our new home. This means that I can finally get back to doing the things I enjoy. Making music, and writing about the music apps I like.

I’ll get back to reviews very soon. The only issue is that having been away for a couple months my back log has become scary in size. So many apps came and went while I was trying to figure out where the heck we were going to live, I just don’t know where to begin?

AltiSpace, Caramel, Crystaline, MitoSynth, B-Step, Dot Melody, Bird Stepper…and oh man so many others. Not to mention plenty of updates to several of my long time “go to” music apps. Plus I have some gadgets to review like the iUSB Port, iLoud…and if it ever arrives “JamStick” is is nearly on deck too.

Well, I gotta start somewhere. I suppose I’ll throw a dart and go from there?

I’d ask for requests, but for some reason very few of you ever leave comments. Must be too labor intensive or something? 😉

Stay tuned and thank you for the support. You have all been great, and I appreciate that immensely.


  1. Glad to have you resurface, your voice has been missed.

    If you’re looking for “meatier” topics than just reviews, why not tackle juicy challenges like Workflow (eg: case studies of what combination of software / processes folk are using to do end-to-end iOS music), DAW comparisons (cause no one wants to shell out $50 three or four times).

    My personal holy grail is to find an iOS platform that allows me to have a workflow as close to Ableton Live as possible – specifically in the recording and time warping / slicing of loops. Am expose on that topic would interest me greatly!

    Regardless, anything you come up with will be sure to be great and eagerly awaited!

  2. “Glad to have you resurface, your voice has been missed.”

    I agree with this. We have also been busy with a move and still dealing with unpacking
    and getting settled in. Best wishes getting settled into you new digs!

  3. Looking forward to reading your posts, again! As you mentioned, a lot of newer apps; so how about a round-up of EFX apps? Like a mega review or something? I am always curious how others make use of various EFX apps…

    Anyway, it’s great that you’re able to get back to blogging and stuff!


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