FAC: Fred Anton Corvest Mobile Bundle

Bundle includes 5 AuV3 FX apps. For details Visit the FAC site.

FAC Bandit, FAC Chorus, FAC Envolver, FAC Maxima, FAC Transient.

FAC Bandit is a multi band FX processor that includes a Saturator, LoFi, and Ring Modulator. What really makes Bandit shine (and I consider this a must purchase to get the most of it) is the IAP add-on that puts Delay and Reverb FX on the table of options. Bandit has a DJ styled control interface allowing for up to three separate FX types. Each of the three bands has its very own processor, then you have a crossover control between them to fine tune and smooth the mix from one to the next. This set up makes for some amazing special FX combinations that blur nicely into one. This isn’t a full control reverb or delay unit, it’s a simplified multiband FX concept that I would use along with something like VirSyns AltiSpace Reverb or similar. For example, start with a Saturator then add a ping pong delay and finish the chain with a hall reverb and you have a very interesting and cool sounding result. Try with one of Thumbjams guitars and you’ll hear just how much depth is added. Of course you can use this within your iDAW and apply to a track or main mix. Bandit is easy on the CPU and works very well with others.

I liken Bandit to three FX pedals in one, and it really does work like one. I wish I had this way back when I was collecting various FX pedals for my strat.

FAC Chorus IS the chorus I’ve been looking for. It’s actually a chorus/flanger in one box. The characteristics like “thick” or “clean” determine just how subtle, powerful or dramatic the effect can be. Thick is for those heavy flange or chorus types that are extra warm and fuzzy. Clean is for more subtle but no less impressive effect. Change the LFO (sin, tri or tri/sin) for further impact on the sound design. Too often I’ve found other chorus FX sound far too unnatural even on their mildest settings. That is not the case here, thankfully. You can use it to create some wildly unnatural sounding effects if you want, but you won’t find yourself straining to make adjustments that do little to clear some of the sound fog when you want something to sound more clean. Clean is clean! I love the way it emulates cozy and wide chorus sounds as well as some subtle flanging effects when I want them. Turn to “thick” and things can get super chewy! This is the best of both modulated worlds.

FAC Envolver Is a MIDI/Audio effects unit that controls the envelope parameters of your synth or plug in MIDI instrument to effect the sound depending on which of the two circuits are selected. To put it very simply Envolver modulates your sounds in a number of very interesting ways by manipulating attack, decay, sustain and release parameters of the instrument being used. I got sucked into a time hole where everything around me disappeared as I explored Envolvers unique abilities to modulate sounds via the rhythmical trigger gate circuit. For example I had a single 4 bar recording and managed to turn it into an interesting arpeggio. The Envelope Follower circuit can be used to do some intriguing side chain ducking effects and much more. I spent several hours just goofing around with the parameters and discovering how powerful Envolver really is. It does a solid job with providing several ways to modulate things like panning or tremolo effects as well as chopping it into some sweet sequences. It is a great way to come up with some different and creative percussion or drum patterns using whatever audio is being run through it. Try running a simple drum beat through this and play with the dials to uncover something new. A lot is going on under the hood of Envolver, and I highly recommend reading the online documentation available in the app. It’s an essential read if you have any interest in using this incredible app to its greatest potential. You don’t know it yet but you want and need this. Envolver should not be overlooked!

FAC Maxima is a Limiter effect. This is an essential tool for finalizing any production and keeping precise control over your levels for each track, or more commonly the master mix. It’s best used in the mastering segment of work to get everything on the same level. Most limiters are tricky because you can easily damage the sound with unwanted artifacts, but sometimes you might want them as you never know when something unusual is lurking at extreme levels. That said, you have room to use this creatively as well as just for leveling control. What sets Maxima apart from other Limiter types is its simplified parameter controls that are very precise. We have all had those tracks that seem to have varied peaks and lows causing much frustration while trying to get it under control. That’s when a Limiter like Maxima comes in and can save the day by smoothing out the levels to the exact chosen dB. Quiet things down or make it loud, this is the tool you need to maximize your sound.

FAC Transient is a specific FX unit that targets the attack and sustain portions of your instrument. Normally this type of effect would only be considered for use on drum tracks. That is partly true here, but somehow FAC managed to create an all-purpose Transient manipulator that isn’t just for drum tracks. Transient can be used to make improvements to any track in your mix. Get results with the attack and sustain control to your exact needs. Try using along with Maxima. The two can combine to open more doors to control specific parts in a track that may have otherwise been overlooked like calming down a swell or making it more swole. Transient is another excellent tool for mastering that you didn’t know you needed. I wouldn’t suggest using headphones for these types of mastering projects, monitors will reveal sounds not heard when pressed against your skull or shoved in your ear canal.

Final notes.

All of these AuV3 apps allow for user-created presets to save for future use.

This bundle of 5 FX units can deliver pro results at an indie price. You get all five for what could easily be the same price of just one from other developers. If you are serious about making the most of your music, or just want a creative edge FAC offers this tool box of quality FX and processors at a comparatively low cost.

Extensive real time use tested with multiple tracks in Cubasis, MultiTrackDAW, and Nano Studio 2. Compatible with AuV3. Each app can be purchased individually or bundled.


  1. Excellent review, i own Fac Chorus and Fac Maxima, and use them in almost everything in Aum an Cubasis. I would love to win the bundle so i can create great sounding fx with these apps.

  2. I do own Fac Bandit and in all honesty, its one of the best “multiband” apps i own.use it on bass and kick and you will never be disappointed

  3. I really appreciate these deeper reviews, clear and interesting cut. Now I need to save up to get the bundle 👍🏼

  4. Very detailed review of a classic set of mix tools.From the demos i’ve heard,these Fac plugins do the job best.Big thanks to Mr. Corvest for this awesome giveaway.

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