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My Music Is Anywhere I Am

SmiteMatter is David A Israel

SmiteMatter began making electronic music using a iPod Touch in May 2009. It was immediately inspiring and quickly led to becoming a favored tool for his music production. Embracing the challenges and benefits of the relatively new technology was effortless. Recognized as one of the early iOS music pioneers, SmiteMatter has been a steadfast believer taking full advantage of the new world of options. As the technology changed with the introduction of the iPad, there was no looking back. SmiteMatter completed his first ambient electronic music, album called “Technopolis Lost” which was released October 2011 by FatelessFlows Records.
SmiteMatter continues to make unique electronic music focused on his love for ambient soundscapes. Always exploring sonic realms, he employs numerous synths to create audio stories that surround listeners in interesting layers of lush and melodic scenes. Much inspiration is taken from the local geography in Washington state. Mt. Rainier has been a constant source of inspiration.
SmiteMatter is respectfully influenced in part by early Tangerine Dream, Klaus Shultz, Steve Roach, Mark Isham, Vangelis, to name a few.

SmiteMatter is currently working on a new album called “Chapters”. After several delays due to many obstacles, it is nearing completion and will be released a little later than expected. The official date is undecided, but should be expected to be released finally after the 2014 New Year.
It has a bit of a personal touch being a concept piece about people who for better or worse left life changing impressions. Not dedications, but a kind of musical set of cherished or difficult memories.
The 2nd anniversary of Technopolis Lost is being celebrated by a re-issue of that album with a new cover, and a previously unreleased bonus track. This anniversary edition will be available on BandCamp http://smitematter.bandcamp.com/

Say NO To Wires!!

Click HERE to be directed to CDBaby.com to purchase music from “Technopolis Lost” Full album, individual tracks, or get a physical copy of the CD. It is also available at iTunes, Amazon.com and many more online digital music retailers.


  1. Hello, my name is Saveliy and i like how you make reviews for music apps and share your love to iOS as rich platform for this kind of software.
    Yesterday is a good day for me, my first app hit AppStore and its music app. Deregulator its a Audiobus compatible mini-processor with randomisible parameters for Echo, Delay and Reverb. Deregulate sound flows is her superpower. I make some test-recordings playlist on soundcloud, but now i have’t ability to make video about my app now and i remember how cool is to watch your reviews. Well, if you find Deregulator useful or at last fun i’l be happy.

    I land you promo-code when know how it would be comfortably for you and if you know where i must move by next step i appreciate your suggestions 🙂

    Link to demo-records https://soundcloud.com/ash-daa/sets/deregulator-tests

    Be well.

  2. We’ve just included Ableton Link into our app Stereosun, we think it’s a great add-on to the existing tool. I personally use it a lot @ gigs with my band, it is a little different approach to playing loops & also DJing. 🙂

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    Please msg me for the promo code if you find it interesting.

    Cheers, Andrija

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