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NoisePAD Review

Developed By MediaGROE

Its Noisy

NoisePAD is straight forward “drum computer”, sequencer and beat maker designed for live performance.
NoisePAD has a very nice look. It’s elegant in appearance and quick to navigate. The design is streamlined, making it very easy to use and understand fast. A quick, to the point INFO page will easily answer any “how to” questions within the app.

Delivered with 5 preloaded sound-banks, each containing 12 samples, NoisePAD comes ready to get started.

The built-in sequencer is programmable up to 12 patterns each with its own length of bars from 1 to 99. Patterns flow seamlessly; one right into the next.

With some nice effects controlled via sliders, there’s some great sample tweakability at your finger tips. The included effects are: Pitch, Delay, Cut-off, Phase, Reverb, and Bit-Crush. They sound alright, and suit a party atmosphere very well, but have no real controllable parameters to fine tune the FX. Recording and performing on the fly are just a tap away. Mute, Solo, adjust BPM, and Swing without interrupting the flow. Same goes for selecting samples, loading new ones won’t disrupt the performance. Paste in your samples from the paste board and custom organize sample banks however you like. If you want more samples there is an option to purchase them via IAP additional sample banks. I have noticed some slight latency from the pads here and there, but really not very much or often.

The preloaded samples in NoisePAD range from good to outright absurd. I honestly cannot imagine anyone buying another sample bank that really anyone could make. I mean, some of the samples are just terrible vocals of some kid swearing, dropping F bombs, or no brainer one liners we have all heard a bazillion times, and whatnot. “Damn Girl” “Drop It” “Hands up,” “Party people” are some of the overdone hype samples you’ll hear. I get that it’s intended to be for fun, but they just aren’t inspiring to me at all. The drum samples are pretty good; but with only 12-36 samples per IAP they leave a lot to be desired with some wasted on vapid vocals. Seriously, these are popular “artists”? Can’t you just sample yourself shouting “Put your hands up”? There, you’re a popular artist.

Most of the drum or instrument samples are not really worth the expense as they are all easy to make yourself with the right apps.

To be fair I supposed plenty of people think these kinds of tired samples are great fun. I get that, and NoisePAD is fun, especially after you load it up with your own creative samples. It does make things convenient. That said, it falls a little short of professional.  It’s not something I would suggest using for a pro live set if you want to impress anyone.

It seems to me that NoisePAD is really a party DJ performance app intended to make adding samples to live sets fun and easy. It does that very well. If the FX, sample packs, and general quality  matures and improves, NoisePAD could contend for the attention of a more serious, artistic crowd. The future of NoisePAD could develop into something very special. Keep an eye on it.

                    3 out of 5 Stars

                            Available in iTunes.

DrumJam Review

A new flavor of jam

*Review is based on experience with DrumJam on iPad 2&3

By Sonosaurus LLC makers of ThumbJam
Featuring Pete Lockett

Sonosaurus, maker of the incredible ThumbJam, teamed up with award winning percussionist Pete Lockett to create DrumJam. A truly accessible drum and percussion application smothered in brilliance. We all know about ThumbJam and how great it is. You can safely expect the same excellence of DrumJam in a familiar, and clever user interface.
Everything in DrumJam is right on one screen with handy drop downs and buttons or sliders that expand, or change to another setting option, on touch. It’s a nice, strait forward design leading to a very snazzy level of fluid control and no confusion. Both of the main control x/y pads are on the same screen, the pattern based instruments on one pad above, and the solo instrument on the other underneath
It’s easy to feel comfortable with live performance, there is no jumping from one screen to the next interrupting the flow of your jam.
DrumJam has dozens of looped percussion instruments & drum kits to easily select by drag and drop to create multiple layers of varied rhythmic sound types. With an x/y pad type controller it allows full manipulation of individual instruments. Pan, volume, mute, solo, filter and are all easily controlled here.

Each instrument has up to 20 different patterns recorded by Pete Lockett himself, and are also controlled by this pad. With multi tempo loop recordings over a wide range of tempos, all can be changed easily without messing up the rhythm thanks to the time stretch function.

Reverb and Delay can be enabled by the touch of a virtual button.

Each looped instrument can be locked to prevent accidental pattern changes.
If you just can’t decide what to do, hit the randomizer for something totally unexpected. The randomizer can also be timed to change on its own periodically.
It simply flows like a comfortable stream of uninterrupted jamming jubilation.

For more on all the features of DrumJam click HERE to visit Sonosaurus LLCs website.
 The lower x/y pad allows control of the many solo instruments for you to play over the looped patterns or completely alone. Instruments here are placed in the same drag and drop way. It’s all designed very consistently.
With sensitivity control, and a full range of quantize, sounding great has never been so easy or fun.
The solo pad can have FX applied including Reverb, Delay, Pitch bend, LoFi, and Distortion. Go ahead crush it!
The instruments having been real recordings all
sound fantastic. Whether its a short beat or entire performance, all can be recorded at studio quality 44.1 kHz, 16 bit .wav and shared via multiple options. Sharing options include, audio copy, “Open In”, iTunes file share, and export to SoundCloud.
DrumJam is packed with a comprehensive menu of MIDI control options that support clock sync in or out. Virtual MIDI, and Background audio with a power save feature is included.

I’ve spent several hours lost in DrumJam exploring and enjoying everything it offers. I can attest to the fact that even a novice rhythm maker can have a joyous experience sounding like a pro. With all the tools necessary and quality of DrumJam all around I’m sure a pro would be hard pressed to argue the greatness of this highly inspiring application.

I just don’t have any complaints.

Thanks to the excellent reputation of its developer there’s no reason to think further development isn’t in the future pipeline. Some of the things I was able to confirm with Sonosaurus which are in that pipeline follow.
Here is the future road map of DrumJam

– support for playback of recorded loops in the app

– support for import of user samples for building custom solo kits
– additional sets of loops with alternate time signatures
– additional solo instruments
– additional loop instruments
The additional content may be a mix of factory-included and in-app purchases.
That’s strait from the source.

These days music apps are more than tools. Yes they are increasingly capable, but they also offer a way for everyone to enjoy them to their fullest. Randomize a fun experience, create original parts for a composition, practice, teach or learn with it. Its all there.
DrumJam is at the top of the iOS music heap among some very good company and should be on all music lovers iDevices.

It’s a no brainer click HERE to buy DrumJam from iTunes.

Glitch Breaks App Review

A Cut Above

iOS Universal Application * (Review based on use with iPad 2 and 3rd Generation iPad)

Normally when I think of the word “glitch” something gone wrong comes to mind.
Glitch Breaks by Alex Matheu is an insanely fun and very useful app. Right off the bat I found myself right at home with the strait forward and intuitive user interface. I was immediately pulled in fiddling with the 4, x/y, continuous audio (channels) pads loaded with selected preset beats. Selecting one pad with a simple touch plays a beat that you can either load with one of the very cool 90 beat loops or something you created and imported. Switching between pads is seamless, each has its own level control, and all with no break in the audio at all. Tap one pad mutes the last and manipulating the “glitch”, Cut” or “Loop Modulation” pads allows for some pretty crafty glitched out break beats.

You can also control pitch and reverse the audio for more effect.
It has many features like, background audio, quantize, Audio Copy paste, iTunes File Share and many more.
For more about the specifications and information about Glitch Breaks check the web site of its creator Alex Matheu HERE

Just tap, touch, swipe your way through some cool sounds gone glitch with ease.
It’s that easy, but the sounds are complex. Loading a new beat to a pad from the library of presets or user imports won’t interrupt the flow one bit making Glitch Breaks perfect for live performances. This is one serious and very satisfying glitch machine.

Whatever type of musician you fancy yourself to be, this will not only be a blast to play with, but also indispensable for creating some pretty wild stuff live or in the studio, or where ever you feel the craving.

It’s not all just beats, you can manipulate any audio from vocals, synth solos, or Chopin if you like.
Thanks to the 1 to 4 bar or no bars, selection function you’re not limited to strictly tempo based audio.

I’ve spent many hours playing with Glitch Breaks, cutting, and modulating my way to pure glitch bliss. It’s unmistakable high quality, effortless interface makes it easy to forget the world outside and go full tilt boogie to your hearts content.

Yeah, I recommend this amazing app. Go to iTunes  and buy it. You’ll be glad you did.

Stochastic Drum Machine By Xitiv Inc. App Review

The Probability Of Cool Beats

Available HERE in iTunes
There are a lot of drum machines, and I’ve played with nearly all of them on iOS. There aren’t very many that have impressed me, but Stochastic has and does!

My first impression prior to hearing anything was the unusual appearance of the user interface. In my gut I was worried it would be just another bland app. This concern was quickly dismissed the second I hit play.
Wow! These sounds are very realistic. I felt like I was listening to a real live drummer. With the thousands of samples, there’s no shortage of variety from classic kits, acoustic, digital, analog, to percussion, FX….and many more.

 Mixing and matching will not be an obstacle, and if it ever does go stale for you, importing your own sounds will fix that via the many different sharing options, including copy/paste, drop box, email and iTunes file share. Also included are WIST, Background Audio, and “Open In” functionality. Moving samples to and from the app was well thought out. Stochastic plays very well with others. Its really nice for once to not have to wait for some far off update that might one day allow for wireless use. Thank You Xitiv Inc!
Stochastic further separates itself from the pack by adding a unique Probability feature that can turn any static sequence into a dynamic, and thoroughly interesting event. This a feature I’ve not seen anywhere before? It has to be experienced first hand to really appreciate it. Fun with chaos.

With up to (16-32) 64 programmable steps, 15 samples (3 banks of 5) and 32 voices this is no light weight. Possibilities for complex beat sequences abound.

 I might gripe only in that you can only pan the sample, not each individual step. Though it appears to be a consideration for future updates among Mute, Solo, MIDI and Volume control.
Visit Xitiv Inc at: HERE for all the specs and details.
Other than gain control Stochastic is light on extra sound FX, you won’t find anything like, phaser, delay, or the likes. I’m not really missing that stuff myself as I actually prefer dry to wet when creating a beat. They are nice FX to have, but nothing I feel I can’t live without. Tweaking with FX can easily be done in other apps if I must. Thanks to the many easy file sharing options, this is no sweat.
 This is one big, fun, amazing sounding drum machine that may not look flashy but delivers pro sound quality in a simple no fuss interface. It gets the job done, and thanks to the Probability feature crafting something original is a purely delightful adventure in beat making. Perfect for drum and bass, electronic, dance, or really anyone who wants a high quality beat machine. Priced at $4.99 it’s a bargain.
Buy Stochastic HERE from the iTunes App Store
4.5 stars. Highly recommended

EG-DR808 App Review: The 80s Are Beating Again

Review Based on iPad version.
When you think about the 80s you might recall certain things like Aqua Net, Acid Washed Jeans, Glam Rock, Big Hair, Miami Vice, Leg Warmers, and the iconic Roland TR-808 Drum Machine!
When the Roland TR-808 Drum Machine came out in 1980 it was $1000
Marvin Gaye arguably was one of the first to really popularize the 808 in 1982, and after later being discontinued found new life and fame thanks to the mid 80s Beastie Boys’ Licensed To Ill.
It has been used for decades now by many famous artists, in some classic music spanning many genres.
Today owners of the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad can relive the classic sounds of the great 808, thanks to iOS app developers like Elliott Garage. Now anyone can have a virtual copy on their iOS devices. 
You can see from the photo above that attention to detail in recreating the vintage look is uncanny, and faithfully emulated. More importantly the sound is spot on. Elliott Garage really put some love into this going for the same functionalities and feel of the old machine. It’s love you can hear, and music lovers as well as vintage enthusiasts should agree this is one of the best 808s on iOS.
The EG-DR808 features are….
– 16 steps sequencer
– 12 programmable rhythm patterns and 4 fills patterns
– Auto fill in every 2, 4, 8, 12 or 16 pattern
– Save the pattern you’ve created and play your songs
– Manual Play, Pattern Write and Pattern Clear mode
– Drum kit pieces parameters control (tuning, decay and snappy)
At the moment there is no iTunes File Share or Audio Copy Paste. Don’t despair 808 fans, Andrea of Elliott Garage Software Team assured me that iTunes File Share to export patterns will be included in the next update.
Being the pushy app lover that I am and stubborn supporter of Audio Copy Paste, I didn’t relent without confirming that they do want to implement Audio Copy, but it will take a little more time.
Considering the quality of this app, I think we can be patient for ACP so long as iTunes File Share doesn’t take too long to be added.
For $1.99 this is hard not to recommend even if we must wait a little for sharing capabilities to be included.
Get This App!