SmiteMatter on radio

SmiteMatter Interviewed by Bruce Gall

I was interviewed recently by Bruce Gall who hosts (in addition to his ARFM Sunday Synth) OneWorldMusic: “Atmospheres”.
A weekly electronic music radio show.
This interview was done via Skype and recorded near the end of June. I admit I was a little nervous. Being interviewed in the form of a written publication is one thing, but speaking is a bit daunting for me.

In this interview we had a nice chat about my music and iOS as a medium for creation. We talk about many things including how I started, apps I use, the technology and much more.

Check it out if you so wish by clicking on the following link:

I hope you find it entertaining, useful, or at least worth your time.

Some things I mentioned. “Galaxy Explorer”, Waldorf Nave, Lazer Kat Records, iPadMusician Compilation Vol 2, Audiobus, Galileo, and more.

Radio play on Atmospheres in UK Tomorrow

Hey there. Bruce Gall host of two great UK radio shows specializing in electronic music will air my track “Under The Moss 12” on his One World Radio show called Atmospheres 8pm to 9pm London time. Click on the word Atmospheres below to be sent to the streaming broadcast. Follow the link to check on your local time as this is airing in the U.K.

 listen live Sunday August 19 just click on Atmospheres
Or copy paste the following link:

“Under The Moss 12” was made at Flaming Geyser State Park in my home area of Washington state. I was with friend and colleague Dean DeBenedictis (Owner of Fateless Flow Records and also known as Surface 10) at a spot we visited almost exactly one year earlier. The year before I recorded “Under The Moss” which I had made on my iPod Touch. The “12” is about coming full circle in many ways that are personal to me. We were literally under drapes of moss surrounded by beautiful green scenery with a pleasant bright, warm filtered sun shining above us, and a gentle running creek down the hill. Just like the year before. 
It was a great moment, and being able to revisit the same place as the year before was very special to me. 
I remade Under The Moss and added the “12” to signify the personal experience of how much had changed. This time Under The Moss 12 was made using my first generation iPad, with a couple portable speakers. Dean walking around quietly filming the experience. The track ended up cut down for Technopolis Lost as the full version was way too long to share. 
I hope you get the chance to tune in and hear it on air.